Thomas Stone MCIHort

The South’s Leading Rose Garden Management Consultant

Of all the many plants to be found in an English Country Garden, the Rose must be the Queen of Flowers.

With so many forms, shapes, colours and scents, most roses are easy to grow without too much attention, but the art of creating a Rose Garden, as a main feature of the garden is a skill involving more than just green fingers.

So many factors to take into consideration, including location – to maximise the benefits of scent and minimise damage by wind or lack of air movement causing fungal attack - selection of varieties to ensure a length flowering period, or colour combination – height variations and pruning techniques, soil conditions and drainage needs all require a great deal of passion and knowledge to produce a Rose Garden.

Thomas’s background, with almost three decades of specialising in the world of Rose growing – starting out in the famous Mottisfont Abbey Rose Gardens in Hampshire in 1989 - combined with years of practical experience working in gardens of Hampshire and Sussex, will ensure that your garden will receive comprehensive and professional personal service.

(Thomas is the Southern area entrant on The National Register of Garden Experts. See